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Published on Nov 8, 2013 in Asia, China, Featured Articles, News, Spotlight, Thornhill

AllBright Law Offices

Navigating the Chinese legal system can, at times, be extremely difficult. When we require the services of a Chinese law firm, we engage Steve Zhu from the Allbright Law Offices. This law firm has more than 200 attorneys and is one of the largest private partnership law firms in China. In addition, Steve has been particularly helpful in explaining complicated transactions to our clients as well as navigating us through China’s complicated bureaucracy.

Steve’s specialty is securities law, although his law firm is also a key player in advising and drafting many legislative bills in China. These bills have included foreign trade law, equity and contractual joint venture law, holding company law, anti-dumping law, intellectual property law, tax regulations, and many other areas pertaining to domestic and international business.

Steve works out of AllBright’s Shanghai office, but his law firm has offices throughout China. When you have a question on Chinese law, please feel free to contact Steve. We do.

Alan Refkin

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