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Published on Sep 12, 2013 in Asia, China, Featured Articles, News

The Creation of the World – Chinese Style

It’s not surprising that Chinese mythology isn’t in sync with the Bible on the creation of the world. Instead, it’s closer to the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang theory states that, in the beginning, all matter was compressed into a single dense point which exploded and expanded into the stars and galaxies that we have today. Chinese mythology has the world forming from an exploding egg. Sound interesting? The story goes like this.

At the beginning of time there was nothing but darkness and chaos. Eventually the chaos coalesced within this darkness and formed a cosmic egg. The egg had two opposing forces or principles inside, the Yin and Yang. These forces gave birth to a giant inside the egg known as Pangu, regarded by many Westerners as the Chinese Adam. Pangu was said to resemble a Neanderthal in that he was depicted as being primitive, hairy, and wearing lots of furs.yin_yang3

As Pangu slept inside the egg he began to grow, 10 feet per day. Finally, one day, he was so big that when he stretched his limbs he broke the egg. The story continues that the lighter parts of the egg floated up to the heavens while the denser portion went downwards and formed the earth.

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Pangu was afraid that the two parts of the egg would come together again, so he placed himself in the middle between the earth and the heavens. He continued to grow 10 feet per day, and the earth also became 10 feet thicker per day. He held this position for the next 18,000 years and, when he knew the earth and heavens were secure, he went to sleep, died, and his body disintegrated. When this happened it was like a global organ transplant. His breath became the wind, mist, and clouds; his voice, the thunder and the lightening; his eyes, the sun and the moon; his arms and legs, the four directions of the compass; his trunk, the mountains; his flesh, the soil; his fur, the bushes and the forests; his blood, the rivers; his veins became roads; his body hair, grass and herbs; his facial hair the stars and the milky way; his bones and teeth formed precious stones and minerals; his sweat became the dew; and the fleas he carried in his fur became the fish and animals which were carried by the wind throughout the world.

The goddess Nuwa then came along took mud from underneath the water and formed humans. Creation of the world – Chinese style!

Alan Refkin

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