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Published on Oct 4, 2013 in Asia, China, Featured Articles, News

Thornhill Capital selected to provide audit support

Thornhill Capital, one of the largest forensic due diligence organizations in China, was selected by a U.S. publicly traded Chinese company to provide audit support, and to prepare SEC filings for an audit and five interim periods. Thornhill Capital successfully completed this assignment utilizing its in-country staff of forensic accountants and administrative staff from Beijing and Chongqing in the process.

Alan Refkin, Chairman and CEO of Thornhill Capital, noted that many U.S. publicly listed Chinese companies want to ensure that they’re in compliance with current accounting rules and regulations. They’re turning to Thornhill Capital to assist them with a wide variety of accounting and regulatory tasks, including managing their audit process, preparation of SEC documents, and strengthening their internal controls and corporate governance.”

Thornhill Capital provides onsite due diligence; assistance with negotiations; expert witness testimony; financial reconstruction in compliance with IFRS, US GAAP, PRC GAAP, and Hong Kong GAAP; audit preparation and process management; internal control design and testing; reconciliation of Chinese tax reports to audited financial statements; bi-lingual CFOs; translation services; and a variety of other accounting, compliance, and administrative services for companies around the globe. A full list of services can be found at

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