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Published on Nov 29, 2013 in Asia, China, Featured Articles, News, Spotlight

Zhang Jingjie (Maria)

Maria, whose Chinese name is Zhang Jingjie, is one of those people who’s always in the background and is rarely center stage. But she makes things happen for us in China and has an energy and enthusiasm that’s contagious. Maria’s worked with Thornhill for over a decade. She’s currently Thornhill Capital’s General Manger in China and runs our China operation, as well as heads our Strategic Planning and Business Development function there. In these capacities Maria coordinates with law and accounting firms, investment bankers and hedge fund managers, and corporate clients.

Trisha-2Maria has been married for a couple of years and, on July 29th of this year, she gave birth to a baby girl who she and her husband named Shu Wanchun. In China, unlike in Western countries, one’s name is meant to be descriptive and reflect a person’s traits. Shu Wanchun in Chinese means honest, simple, and kindhearted, traits I’m surzhangjingjiee she’ll inherit from her mother. In addition to their Chinese name, many children in China are also given an English name by their parents, as Chinese names are sometimes hard for Westerners to pronounce, and even harder to remember.  These Western names are usually phonetically associated with a person’s Chinese name. Shu Wanchun’s American name is Trisha. Below are some photos of Trisha.

Alan Refkin

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