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Published on Dec 6, 2013 in Asia, Europe, Featured Articles, News, North America, Spotlight

KL Gates


One of the attorneys that Thornhill Capital has had the pleasure of working with over the past decade has been Clay Parker from KL Gates. Clay is a securities partner out of the firm’s Miami office. I’ve worked with Clay on a number of transactions in China, Europe, and North America. Even though our offices are two hours apart by car, there was a time when we’d constantly run into each other in China more than the US. I use that to illustrate that Clay is a hands on attorney who doesn’t just sit at his desk and give you advice. In my business dealings with him I’ve had Clay sitting next to me in critical meetings and giving me his input, flying to China on a few hours’ notice to finalize a transaction, and present me with a bill for legal services that didn’t make me a part owner in his firm. Clay has provided solid legal advice to Thornhill and its clients for going on twelve years.

KL Gates is a large firm, with over 1,800 attorneys spread throughout its 33 global offices. Although Clay and I have primarily worked together on securities matters, the fact is that KL Gates has handled a number of projects for me and my clients and performed magnificently on each one.

I don’t really find a law firm’s size, or even their name, to be critically important. In my opinion, it’s all about the attorney. If you’re looking for a top of the line securities attorney, take a look at Clay Parker from KL Gates.

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