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Published on Dec 2, 2013 in Featured Articles, Latin America, News

La República

I will soon be writing a column for La República, Costa Rica’s business newspaper, with an attorney friend of mine, Vicente Lines. Vicente works with Costa Rica’s largest law firm, Arias & Muñoz and, besides writing these articles with me, he and I are both working together on various projects in Costa Rica.

Fred Blaser and Rosemary Engels, co-chairs of La República, have asked us to write on various subjects relative to China’s involvement and relationship with Latin America and Costa Rica. These articles will be in Spanish, but I’ll also provide a translated version on my web site after they appear in La República.

China and Latin America, and especially Costa Rica, have enhanced their relationship within the last decade. Latin America and Costa Rica are important to China, and the articles that will appear in La República will help detail that. If you want to go to La República’s website, which is in Spanish, please visit Fred, Rosemary, Carmen Juncos, and the entire staff of La República have created a tremendous publication and have a very loyal following in the business community. I look forward to being a part of their team and in writing about the many synergies China has with Costa Rica and Latin America.

Alan Refkin

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