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Published on Dec 20, 2013 in Featured Articles, News, North America, Spotlight

Typebird Design Studio

One of the reasons that our web site has looked as good as it has over the years is due to the extraordinary work of two people, Dr. Kevin Hunter of Silver Bay Technologies, and Tammy Fluech of Typebird Design Studio. Kevin has an extraordinary grasp of all things technical, and manages our Thornhill Capital web site, Tammy is the creative person behind both my Thornhill Capital and author blog sites, as well as our Spotlight segments.

facebook_squareWhen my partner Dave Dodge and I started discussing setting up a blog site some time ago, we could both only think of one person we’d trust with that task – Tammy. After getting our input, Tammy was able to put together the fantastic blog site ( you see today. Tammy not only created this site, working with Kevin Hunter on the technical aspects, but she also posts my blogs and selects the photos that gives a visual representation of its content. Shortly after she created Thornhill’s blog site, I also had her create one for me. My author blog site,, has blogs that are closely associated with my books, and therefore are more China-centric. Tammy manages both of these sites for me, as well as posts these Spotlight blogs. She also manages our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Tammy’s expertise also extends beyond web sites, as her company name implies. Typebird Design Studio works closely with corporations, small businesses, and public relations firms in designing promotional and informational material that portrays your intended image or message to the public. Typebird Design Studio is the best we know in that industry.

Alan Refkin

Thornhill Capital provides onsite due diligence; assistance with negotiations; expert witness testimony; financial reconstruction in compliance with IFRS, US GAAP, PRC GAAP, and Hong Kong GAAP; audit preparation and process management; internal control design and testing; reconciliation of Chinese tax reports to audited financial statements; bi-lingual CFOs; translation services; and a variety of other accounting, compliance, and administrative services for companies around the globe. A full list of services can be found at


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