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Published on Nov 15, 2013 in Featured Articles, News, North America, Spotlight

Weinberg & Company

In the process of performing our forensic due diligence and other financial services, Thornhill Capital frequently works side by side with many accounting firms. These firms have included the Big Four, as well as those firms which rank just under this bracket. One of the finest of these firms is Weinberg & Company, a leading international and multi-office CPA firm.

Thornhill Capital has had the pleasure of working with Corey Fischer, Managing Partner, and John Lucas, Director of Assurance and Audit Practice, both out of the Los Angeles office. We’ve watched Weinberg & Company conduct audits on US publically traded Chinese companies, as well as provide advisory services to its domestic clients. In both situations they’ve exhibited an extraordinary level of expertise.

Thornhill Capital has performed forensic due diligence and financial reconstruction on the books and records of Chinese companies for a little over eleven years. We’re therefore no stranger to the intricacies of auditing a Chinese company’s books and records. We’ve watched audits being performed as well as auditors throw up their arms in disgust and resign. Therefore, when many CPA firms have retreated from China and have experienced significant failures in accurately auditing Chinese companies, Weinberg & Company continues their Chinese audit practice unabated. I can tell you that watching the professional and methodical approach employed by Weinberg & Company is a pleasure.

If you require domestic or international assurance and audit, or a tax and accounting firm, you would do well to utilize the services of Weinberg & Company.

Alan Refkin

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